PQQ & Tender Checklist – Are Your Ducks in a Row?

At one time or another most of our clients reach the shortlisting stages. This moment can either be met with jubilation together with the confidence and conviction that winning is but merely in touching distance or jubilation followed swiftly by varying degrees of uncertainty or even worse – fear!

Once you are shortlisted you will often have very little time to send your documents to the buyer. Creating a file of essentials before the all important day arrives will ensure you don’t get caught short.

Have to hand hard and soft copies of the following documents:

– Certificate of incorporation

– Organisation/company/group structure chart

– Audited accounts for the last three years (depending on the buyer 1 or 2 may be sufficient)

– Employer’s liability insurance

– Public liability insurance certificate

– Health & safety policy

– Quality assurance policy/mangement statement

– Equal opportunities policy

– Environmental policy

– Any documents that support technical capability

– Case studies

Taking the time out in the pre-tendering stages  to gather together this information will pay off when that all important submission date arrives. After all, why on earth would you go to all that time and effort to apply for a tasty business changing contract to fall so easily at the  next hurdle?

And if you’re looking at this list with bemusement, need help collating the information, obtaining the appropriate policies or require tender training give us a call (0203 405 1850), drop us a line (hello@winthatbid.com) or simply check out Win That Bid’s tender support services winthatbid.com/tender services