One of the largest demolition contracts of 2017 now available

diggerOne of the biggest demolition contacts likely to become available this year is now up for grabs. Shoreline Housing Partnership has declared that six blocks of flats, each fifteen storeys high, in the East Marsh area of Grimsby, will have to be demolished as renovating the blocks will not be cost effective.

The housing charity is now seeking demolition contractors, and is in the process of finalising how the proposed works should proceed. One block, Bevan House, must be torn down due to its location and proximity to other buildings. Another, Tennyson House, is suitable for explosive demolition. The possible demolition process for the other four blocks, Albion House, Nelson House, Garibaldi House and Thesiger House are under consideration, with contractors are permitted to submit explosive demolition proposals for them in addition to the expected tear-down solution.

Pre-Qualification Questionnaires must be submitted by mid-September, with the work to strip out and weaken the building expected to take approximately one year and to commence in early 2018.