How many public contracts are out there for my business?

golden ticket
Have you got the Golden Ticket?

Through my experience as Business Development Director on the front line of Win That Bid and through talking to lots of sales directors out there, it seems that the burning question is often ‘how can you guarantee me some relevant contracts that can increase my business turnover?’  The answer is, there are no guarantees in this life but we can help you make sure that you are in the right place at the right time.

If you want some assurances that there are enough contracts in a particular sector then a good place to start would be to look in or; if you spend some time reviewing what has gone then that will give you a good idea of whether it is worth spending valuable time and resources incorporating contract tendering into your business strategy.

We strongly believe that if a business wants to win their business changing contracts, they need to build tendering and bidding into their long term strategy. Though it may feel like winning the lottery when it happens, more often than not, winning happens because the company has been working very hard behind the scenes in preparation for the big day. It can take years, rather than months or days.

If it is something that you are thinking about incorporating into your business plan then we think that some of things that need to be considered are

  • Make a plan of attack
  • Allocate staff
  • Prepare the pitch
  • Understand the market you are pitching towards

Most importantly learn to be selective and always benchmark your progress so you are constantly on the road to improvement.  But anyway, more on this in another blog.

What are your thoughts and experiences – we would love to hear from you.