Tender Writing: Creating compelling win themes

Creating a killer set of win themes can make the difference between success and failure when pitching your solution to a potential client.  Win themes are basically a set of marketing statements that should run through your proposal or tender writing.

When tender writing creating your win themes is the place to start. If you’re having trouble creating a strong win theme, try brainstorming the following potential issues facing your client:

  • What risk does your client most fear concerning this project?
  • Is there any red tape that your client is particularly concerned by? New legislation? Discrimination regulation? Noise pollution during construction? Archaeological excavation?
  • What special vision does your client have for the project? To what extent are they looking for quality, excellence and innovation?

Then make a list of the following:

  1. Imagine you are your client. Rank the concerns you have just brainstormed from the biggest to the smallest to create an issues list in order of importance.
  2. Next to each of these issues, brainstorm all the ways in which your project can offer a solution.
  3. Rank these solutions against your competitors’. Can you offer greater quality, reliability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness etc.?

You now have two lists, an issues list and a solutions list. Can you link the ideas near the top of each list?

The ideas from this process should enable you to find the main subject of a competitive and relevant Win Theme.

Having problems with your Win Themes and want to put together a killer presentation then give Win That Bid a call today.