Rail Safety and Standards Board issues new guidance to train companies to encourage energy efficiency

The RSSB has issued new guidelines to train companies on the energy use of non-traction activities, stating “keener, leaner and greener” energy use could save millions of pounds every year. Most energy use by train companies is traction, but approximately 20% is related to non-traction activities, such as heating and lighting of buildings and stations. … Read more

Further Faults for HS2 Procurement Process

In a further blow to the planning and construction of HS2, thevast multi-billion pound project to improve the UK’s transport infrastructure, companies bidding for the £10 million commercial services contract have just been informed that the process must be dismissed and rerun due to possible conflicts of interest. HS2 is seen as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity … Read more

New plans for Heathrow expansion could signal UK as continued investment destination post-Brexit

In what is being seen as a vote of confidence in the post-Brexit economy, the international shareholders behind Heathrow Airport have announced an additional £650 million investment. The investment is due to be spent in 2019, the year the UK leaves the EU. It is being seen as an example that the international financial community … Read more

Complications for the Connaught Tunnel

When developers began working to widen and deepen the Connaught Tunnel to prepare for the new Elizabeth Line in London, they quickly had to abandon Plan A and find an ingenious solution. Built in 1878, the 600m Connaught Tunnel was built to divert the railway under the newly-built Connaught Passage for ships which connected the … Read more