Tender Writing Policies: What’s the point of an environmental policy?

Green issues have never been so important to consumers, which is why proving that you’re responsible and intelligent with your resources has become so vital. The best way to do this is with an environmental policy and this article explains how to put one together.

How to Successfully Manage a Proposal

3) Proposal checklist – Writing your Proposal Even though you’ve already spent a lot of time in preparation, writing the document is the most important part of the process.  Aside from the more general groundwork, it’s now time to think about the text itself.  Collating all the necessary information into an easy to read document … Read more

Tender Writing: Your proposal checklist

Proposal Checklist – Preparing to write your proposal submission Now that you have thought about how your company will handle the tendering process, it is time to think about writing the tender itself.  There are things you should consider, and information you should gather, before beginning to write so you create the best document you … Read more

Landscaping Contracts and how to win them

With all the possible variables and changes involved in the work, contracts for landscaping can be tricky to get right.  Before you start it may be useful to do a ‘walk-through’ of the property.  Not only will you get a better idea of what the client wants but you can start to think about how … Read more